Galapagos Islands, 12/2011

Day 1: Arrive Baltra, Visit Las Bachas Island Birds, Iguanas, and the only Flamingos of the trip

Day 2: North Seymour and Rabida Islands Lots of birds, Blue-Footed Boobies, sea lions, iquanas. Snorkeling photos.

Day 3: Fernandina and Isabela Islands Visit to Fernandina, a young island with large Iquana colonies, and a zodiac ride along Isabela coastline.

Day 4: Isabela Island Hiking in the morning, kayaking in the afternoon. Interesting birds and flowers.

Day 5:Santiago Island Snorkeling,hiking, birds, seals, amazing sunset.

Day 6: Darwin Research Station; Santa Cruz Island highlands Tour Darwin research center in Puerto ayora, visit a children's school that emphasizes environment, a farm that grows sugar cane and coffee, and spend some time in Santa Cruz with the tortoises.

Day 7: San Christobal Island Zodiac ride for many birds, including red-footed boobies. Difficult snorkeling today. Last sunset from the ship's deck.

Day 8: Travel Day Go from Galapagos Islands to Lima

Peru, Machu Picchu and More

Day 9: Cusco, Pisac, then on to Urubamba Valley Cusco has an unusual festival; visit an Alpaca farm and an open market in the valley.

Day 10: Ollantaytambo Town and Incan Structures/Terraces The town most like an early Incan town. Visit a resident's home.

Day 11: Machu Picchu Train to Aguas Caliente, the town below Machu Picchu, and a bus up the mountainside switchbacks. First views of this amazing place.

Day 12: Machu Picchu Part of the day in Machu Picchu, then later the train to Cusco.

Day 13: Sacsayhuaman, Incan stone fortress Pre-Columbian stone fortress, then into town for the Qorikancha Temple, original structure built before 1438.

Day 14: Lima Visit pre-Columbian museum and have amazing lunch in Casa Aliaga, built in 1535 by Pizarro's treasurer.