Sandhill Cranes between Grand Island and Kearney
March, 2016

Friday Evening

First sight of them, feeding on a ridge of a cornfield

Other activities today in the fields

On the river, not yet a crane in sight.

Here they come

Against a gorgeous sunset

Lots of crane heads showing on the sand bars, but none very close to us.

Saturday Morning

A new small flock arrives, oddly enough, first thing in the morning

A bit closer to the blind this morning. So many of them! So cold out. (So dark for photos)

Getting a little restless, but no signs of leaving yet.

The sun peeks over the horizen.

Trying for sharp photos, but they are still too far away, too active, and it is too dark.

A few are dancing, but it is very crowded.

At this point, a few take off then circle and come back. Not time yet

And then our eyes met, across a crowded room (river)

I danced my heart out for her.

But the crowd wouldn't leave us alone.

Where are you my dear! (Maybe in the cranes' porta-potty! :)

Keep looking at me!

Are we all going now?

Just a few at first

Attention everyone. It isn't quite time yet.

Ignore them, look at me!

A few others get into the dance

Lovely curtsy! Don't stop now!

Oh, OK, time to go.

Is he leaving or showing off?

Ah, showing off

Really showing off!

Sickening display. I'm out of here.

Outta here!

Wait for me!

Off to breakfast of corn in the fields.

Last shot of the Platte as I leave the area.