Angkor Archaeological Park

Bangkok Air to Siem Reap, Cambodia. The Angkor Archaeological Park is filled with ruins of buildings created by Khmer Empires in the ninth to the fifteeth centuries. Once the largest preindustrial city in the world, probably holding over 1M people. Over 1000 temples among the ruins - I didn't photograph quite all of them :). Also Siem Reap, the closest modern Cambodian town. Buried in the photos is also a performance of Cambodian dancers, and a few shots of the Siem Reap Angkor Museum. I highly recommend this museum to anyone preparing to see the ruins but unsure of the history of the area.

Please go to the Angkor Temples 3D Map to get a great overall view of the park and click on the numbers on the map to learn a bit about each site. The photos are in order of my trip:
DAY 1:
Angkor Thom
Elephant Terrace
Leper King Terrace
DAY 2:
Ta Prohm
Ta Keo
Preah Khan
Neak Pean
East Mebon

My guide. Thanks, Sophy!

History on the walls!

Roofs are friction fit and the sides braced together at the peak.

End of DAY 1, and heading for the dinner performances.

Sprinkles call for umbrellas on the morning of DAY 2

The row of Buddhas has been cut out, like a lot of the Buddha images.

Danger from above!

How to make an ancient Khmer ceiling.

LARGE centipede

Workers taking a break.

Good looking rice crop

Guide and driver

Scenes from Siem Reap

Finishing the day at the Angkor Museum, which is excellent!