Galapagos Day 2 (12/4): North Seymour in the morning; Rabida Island in the afternoon
LOTS of photos today

North Seymour, iquanas, sea lions, blue-footed booby and frigate bird nests. A hike then snorkeling.

A newborn sea lion, born just before we arrived.

Nocturnal Swallow-tail Gulls

Yellow Warbler

Juvenile Frigate Bird stretches.

Land iguana or marine? Land, I think, and seems to be decked out for the ladies.

Juvenile blue-footed boobie plays with a stick. Brighter blue feet develop later.

Test out the wings!

Mother Frigate bird is protective.

Brown Pelican preens.

Did you want to see my blue foot?

Yep, proud of them! Bright blue!

Baby frigate bird waits.

Magnificent Frigate birds: This is how we attract the females!

And this is how I attract them. Cool, yes?

I am so sick of hearing about my blue feet!

But I AM proud!

Snorkeling at base of clifts of North Seymour

Here they come again, my entertainment!

Think this is called Hogfish?

Sea Turtle joined us

And lots of these guys - Razor surgeonfish

Rabida Island, red sandy beach, hiking the shoreline

Intrepid explorer awaits his ship.

The light catches my whiskers -hurry with the photo!

Didn't someone tell the animals that they are supposed to stay 5 feet away from humans?

We had amazing sunsets nightly. In the zodiacs on the way "home" to the Endeavor.

End of Day 2. Please go on to Day 3!