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  • 2023

    Photo Artwork with Rives' poem "Sentidos de Uxmal" in Beyond Words, October, 2023, p. 29.

    Photo Adriatic Sea from Dubrovnik, Landscape Photography Magazine website, July 9, 2023. Photo and Poem, Photo Vajdahunyad Castle in Budapest, p. 164, and Poem Up the Danube, page 248. Fine Lines, Summer 2023 32(2).

    photos: Photograph "Pelicans Fly to the Platte River" Cover of Fine Lines, Spring, 2023. 23(1). Also "Essay on Human Mission," p. 253.

    photos "Tropic of Capricorn" Photo from Namibia in the Spring 2023 issue of Orion, p. 3



    Poem and photos: Poem "Missing Tom" p. 58. Photo "Tohono Chul Fountain", p. 60 and Photo "School Days", p. 94, Sandcutters 2022.

    Photo A one-lane bridge in a snowstorm over a branch of the Platte. Landscape Magazine website, 12/6/22.

    Haiga Poem and Photo Daily Haiga, November 17, 2022

    Poems and photos: Fine Lines, Winter, 31(4), 2022,
        Comments and short essays: "Define Art" (p. 7) and "The Artistic Soul" (p. 169)
        Photo "Snowy Bridge in April, Hall County," p. 181
        Poem "The Time Has Arrived," p. 215
        Prose Poem "Left Brain-Right Brain Myths" p. 216

    Poems and photos: Fine Lines, Autumn, 31(3), 2022,
        Poem "So Near, So Long Ago: Mesa Verde" p. 275 and
            Photo "Mesa Verde" p. 275
        Prose Poem "Essay on Human Mission" p. 276

    COVER Photo:: "Braided Platte," The Good Life Review, Spring, 2022.

    Photo:: "Cologne" photograph in Beyond Words, (27) June, 2022, p. 15. Accompanied by a poem of the same name by Janet Rives (p. 14).


    Poems and photos: Fine Lines, Summer, 31(2), 2022,
        Photo "Stretch for Your Goals," p. 52
        Photo "Pereto Moreno Glacier, Argentinian Patagonia," p. 173
        Poem "Covid Conversations," p. 319
        Poem "I'm Still Here" p. 320

    Poem cherita "these teenage years" of all places - the cherita, cherita book 66 by ai li August 2022, p 57.
       I ride my pony / in the rock quarry / each of her steps / as treacherous / as these / teenage years

    Poem cherita "grandma's pan" i hear - the cherita, cherita book 65 by ai li, June 2022, p 88.

    Poem cherita "graduation day" i dream - the cherita, cherita book 63 by ai li May 2022, p 62.

    Poem and photo:: Haiga; "silver wings pull/colors of the river / into the sky." November 22 2022, Daily Haiga

    Flash Fiction: "Grocery Store Land Mines," Flash Fiction Magazine, June 14, 2022.

    Poem: "Walk for a Memory" in Nebraska Life, May/June, 2022, p. 51.

    Poem and photo:: Senryu/Haiga in Failed Haiku: A Journal of English Senryu, Volume 7(74), 2022, p. 18.
    Also Featured as "Today's sci-fi haiga" in "Chalk on the Walk Haiku".

    Poems and photos: Fine Lines, Spring, 31(1), 2022,
        Photo "Wisdom from Close Observation," p. 140
        Photo "Small Helpers are the Best," p. 149
        Poem "At Seventeen," p. 190
        Poem "A Ghazal: Who Am I?" p. 212
        Poem "Shelter with Gratitude," p. 213


    Flash Fiction: "Damn you, Jake" Flashes from the Plains: A Flash Fiction Collection, p. 63-65.

    Poem and photo: "Childhood Lies" (poem), p. 47, and "Hedgehog Strawberry Cactus" (photo), p. 48, Sandcutters 2021

    Poems and photo: Stories from the Heartland: Voices from the Plains Anthology Series, Vol 5.
        Photo "Sunset Fires the Platte", Cover photo.
        Poem "Of the Girls I've Been," p. 24-25,
        Poem "Not Enough Pages," p. 50-51.
        Poem "The White Prairie," p. 72.

    Photo: Fine Lines, Winter, 30(4), 2021,
        Photo "Holiday Snow," p. 155
        Poems "Winter Gets Surreal," p. 221-22.

    Poems and photo" Fine Lines, Autumn, 30(3), 2021.
        Poem: "Winter Gets Surreal," p. 306-07.
        Photo: "Juneau’s Mendenhall Glacier," p. 167
        Poem and photo: "Dance at Dawn," p. 304

    Poem and Photo: Fine Lines, Summer, 30(2), 2021
        "The Lioness Haiga," p. 298.
        Other Writing "Will it Matter the I Was?" p. 299.

    Poem and photos: photograph "Blue Acropolis" to accompany Janet Rives' Poem "Word for Blue," Beyond Words, Summer, 2021.

    Photo with affects: Honorable mention: Omaha Artist's Spring Art Show, Theme: SHADOWS

    Poem and photos: Poem "Stay in the Moment" and photograph "Burghers of Calais" photograph, published in Global Poemic: Kindred Voices on the Era of COVID-19. 3/29/2021.

    Poems and photos: poem "Waiting for the Light" plus other poems and several photographs, Avocet: 3/13/2021.

    Poem and photos: Haiga, "Lotus Seeds Anticipate" Daily Haiga, 25 July, 2021.

    Poem and photos: Haiga and Photograph "Luxor Temple Message," Failed Haiku, 6(64), March, 2021, p.24.

    Poem and photos: Fine Lines Spring, 2021.
        Photo: Sandhill Cranes in the Platte River: Let's go! Breakfast Buffett!, p. 25
        Poem: Giving Birth to a Poem, p. 244.
        Photo: First Melt of Winter, p. 258.

    Photo: Margerie Glacier, Alaska (above), Honorable mention, Omaha Artist's Inc. First Virtual Art Show, of 95 pieces of all kinds of art.

    Photo: Sahara in Morocco (above) Desert photograph published on the Landscape Photography Magazine website.


    I'm pleased to be named the artist/photographer for the 2020 Sandcutters, the annual publication of the Arizona State Poetry Society. I also have a poem published therin,

        Poem: "Pandemic Villanelle," p. 48.

        "November Snow at Grand Canyon," Front Cover Photo.
        "Grazing in Canyon de Shelly," Back Cover Photo.
        "Dream Walk in the Desert," before p. 1
        "Kim Sosin, Poet/Artist Biography," p. 4
        "A Dove Rides the Tohono Chul Horse," p. 101
        "Grand Canyon Early Snowstorm," p. 150
    book cover

    photo: Ekphrastic Challenge, Artist’s Choice for November 2020. Sosin photo "Leaping Crane" accompanied by artist's (Sosin's) choice of poem from those submitted as inspired by the image; selected "Crane Possibly Walking on Water" by Erin Newton Wells. Published online in Rattle, "Today on Rattle" December, 2020.

    Poems and Flash Fiction/Essays Four writing pieces in Voices from the Plains, Volume IV, 2020.
        "Patagonian Pampas" p. 46
        "Who Are You, Hafia Sophia?" p. 66
        "On the Tucson Trail" p. 442
        "At My Local Library" p. 452

    Poem and photos: Fine Lines Winter, 2020.
        Photo: Branches Glisten with New Snow, p. 15
        Photo: Johns Hopkins Glacier at Jaw POint, Alaska, p. 223
        Poem: "Giving Birth to a Poem" p. 442
        Letter: "Will it Matter That I Was" p. 165

    Poems and photo, Verses from the Plains: a Poetry Collection, Nebraska Writers Guild, Spring, 2020. Also did the cover design and art photograph for the book.
           "Cost-Benefit Analysis" p. 77
    "Minimum Maintenance Roads" p. 78
    "Our River, Our Dance, p. 80

    Poem "My Familiar: A Halloween Sonnet," just for fun, in Spillwords

    Poem and photo: Haiga, "Blue Heron" Daily Haiga, 25 July, 2021.

    Poem "Much comes to Pass" The Avocet: A Journal of Nature Poetry, Fall, 2020, p. 27.

    Poem and photo, The Good Life Review, Summer 2020, Issue #1. Photo on website "Blue Heron at the Lake" and poem, also titled "Blue Heron at the Lake", p. 28-29.

    Flash Fiction and photos, "Danger on Grand Avenue" p. 277, "Blue Heron Photo" p. 162, and "Sandhill Cranes Snoozing on the Platte River Photo" p. 176. Fine Lines, Autumn, 2020.

    poem and photo Haiga in Failed Haiku: a Journal of English Senryu, Issue #55, June, 2020, about pg 177.

    photos Five crane photos in Ten Years of the Sandhill Crane Migration, selected and published by the Crane Trust - Nebraska.

    photo Rocky Mountain Aspens online in Landscape Photography Magazine July 4, 2020.

    photo "Dawn Crane Dance" Raw Art Review: A Journal of Storm and Urge, Winter 2020, p. 98.

    poem "Fishing for Light" Fine Lines, Summer 2020, p. 252.

    photo "Lion Cub from Kenyan Maasai Mara" Fine Lines, Summer 2020, p. 264.

    poem "Pandemic Villanelle" a winner in the Arizona State Poetry Society May, 2020 contest. The Annual 2020 Sandcutters.

    poems A haiku (untitled) and poem "Spring is a Little Different" in The Weekly Avocet May 10, 2020.

    photo : "The House Behind", a poem by Janet Rives and a photograph by Kim Sosin (Amsterdam Canal), in Fine Lines, Spring, 2020, p. 264-265.

    photo and poem: We Rise Together, Daily Haiga, January 7, 2020.


    poems and photo: Cover photo "Platte Lied Footbridge" and two poems, "Power of Prairies" p. 16, and "Sacred Inferno: Notre Dame" p. 31, in Voices from the Plains, Vol. III, 2019.

    photo: "Thistle," a poem by Janet Rives and a photograph by Kim Sosin, in Raw Art Review, Summer, 2019, p. 92.

    poems and photos: Driving the Nebraska Sandhills (with Janet Rives), published in Wanderlust Journal.

    photos: "Two Cranes Liftoff" used on the membership page of the crane trust.

    poem: Arizona State Poetry Society monthly poetry winner for July, "Return to Yellowstone".

    photos: These photos are found in Fine lines, Autumn, 2019. (Also the journal links to my Summer Writing Camp photos at a Google photo page: Kim's Fine lines Summer Camp)
       (1) "Alluvial Falls in September," 85;
       (2) "Active Participation in 2019 Summer Writing Camp" 125;
       (3) "Inspiring Creativity in 2019 Summer Writing Camp" 151;
       (4) "Active Participation in Summer Writing Camp #2" 224;
       (5) "Active participation in Summer Writing Camp #3" 276;
       (6) "Inspiring Creativity in 2019 Summer Writing Camp #2" 308;
       (7) "Active Participation in 2019 Summer Writing Camp #4" 330.

    poems "A Woman in the Fur Trade - To My Wife" awarded second price in the "Women in the Fur Trade" contest, Museum of the Fur Trade, Chadron, NE, and Nebraska Writer's Guild. Also "A Woman in the Fur Trade - To My Mother" awarded third prize.

    photos: "Cranes Fill a Red Sky" selected for book cover photo, 2019 Sandhill Crane Migration, publication of Crane Trust Nebraska, Spring, 2019.

    poems and photos: "Snow Rims the Canyon" haiku, snowy Grand Canyon photo. Fine lines, 28(2), Summer, 2019, p. 125.

    poems and photos: "Pure Lotus Blossoms" in The Ekphrastic Review, May 18, 2019.

    photos: Selected for ANAC show - “Red at Night, Cranes Delight" photography on canvas; “Snow Geese over the Moon” Photography.

    poems: Two Haiku and one photo in Failed Haiku, March, 2019, V4(39), p. 28

    photos: Two from India in Fine lines, 28(1), Spring, 2019.


    poems (four): "Return to Ash Hollow," p. 98, "Schoolhouse at Olgala Grasslands," p. 99, "Ice Castle," p. 100-01, and "Trail of Footprints," p. 101-02 in Voices from the Plains, e/2.

    photos: Fine lines, 27(4), Winter, 2018. 1. Woolly Monkey in Peruvian Rainforest: Stay Out of My Tree, p. 114, and
    2) I See You!, Leopard in Kenya (93), p. 212.

    photo: Landscape Magazine, Margerie Glacier, Glacier Bay, Alaska, Nov, 2018 (93), p. 167.

    photos: Fine lines, Autumn, 2018 (27:3), (1) Old Dehli Walkabout p. 32, (2) Delhi Boy, p. 158

    photo-video: Strawberry Moon with Saturn, Channel 10-11 News, Lincoln, NE, June 28, 2018.
               (click to see Saturn, lower right)

    photos: Fine lines, Summer, 2018 (27:2): (1) Who's the Boss? (Silverback Gorilla), p. 133; (2) Old Delhi Vehicles, p. 137 and (3) No Caboose, p. 171 (with Janet Rives Poem "No Caboose.")

    photo: The Heron's Nest. Volume 19, annual edition 2017. photo "Three Cranes Gossip" selected to head the Reader's Choice section. pg 129.

    photos: Fine lines, Spring, 2018 (27:1): Sandhill Cranes in the Platte River
        (1) Three Cranes Flying, Cover photo;      (2) She's a Little Over the Top, page 106;
        (3) Settling in for the Night, page 107.


    Hagia Sophia: Poem, photo, and the story in Wanderlust Journal, Feb 17, 2018

    Poems in Voices From the Plains NWG Anthology: "Consider the Argemone Polyanthemos", p. 117-18, and "Seven Plains Haiku", p. 317.

    Poem and photos in Fine lines, Winter, 2017. "They Came" p. 213 and India photos, p. 214.

    Poems and photos in Misbehaving Nebraskans, 2017.
      "The Dismal River" Poem and Dismal River photo, p. 40
      "Rural Rain Cafe" Poem and Mullen Coffee Shop photo, p. 90
    Poem: "Why Didn't We Ask?" Sandcutters, 2017, p 55.

    Poem: "Mother's Journals" Sandcutters, 2017, p 95.

    Poems: Four Haiku, The Avocet Weekly #247, Sept. 3

    Featured in Gurushots:
    photo: "Smith Falls" in Fine lines, Autumn, 2017, p. 138

    photos (4) in 2017 Sandhill Crane Migration, by Crane Trust:

      "Cranes Spooning", "Dancing Cranes", "Just Showing Off", "Buffalo 'Yum'", "Big Guy Grazing"
    photo: "Old Delhi" in Fine lines, Spring, 2017, p. 102.

    photo: "Two Cranes" in Bird Watching Daily, 4/27/2017,
    "7 spectacular photos of Sandhill Cranes in Nebraska" by Ben Dumas


    photo: "Alaskan Bears," in Fine lines, Winter, 2016 23(4), p. 81.

    Poem: "Ancient Thermals: Sandhill Cranes," Fine lines, Winter, 2016 23(4), p. 186.
    Also in Avocet, Summer, 2017, p. 11.

    Photo and Poem: Blue Chicory, Daily Haiga, Nov 26, 2016

    photo (Illustration) Award Winner "Summer," The Heron's Nest, 2016

    Poem: "Three Haiku," Fine lines, Autumn, 2016 25(3), p. 228.

    Poem: "High Plains Sky," Fine lines, Summer, 2016 25(2), p. 191.

    Poem: "Beloved Summer," The Weekly Avocet, #188, July 20th, 2016, p. 9.

    Poem: "Growing Old Alone," Fine lines, Spring 25(1), 2016, p. 153.

    Poem: "High Plains Sky," The Avocet, Spring, 2016, p. 38.


    Poem: "Love Amiss," Sandcutters, Summer-Fall, 2015, p. 72.
        Also third place, Annual Poetry Contest, Category: Twitter Poetry,
        Arizona State Poetry Society, 2015.

    Poem: "Canyon de Chelly," Fine lines, Autumn 24(3), 2015, p. 215.

    Poem: "Shooting That One Fall Color," The Avocet, Fall, 2015, p. 23.

    Poem: "Dismal River," Fine lines, Summer 24(2), 2015, p. 22.

    Photo/Poem Books

    These are all self-published and may be purchased. Email me (or click on the links below) if interested.
    Your River Your Dance
    ©2017 Your River, Your Dance: Four Years of Migration of Sandhill Crane on the Platte River
    , by Kim Sosin
      Buy on Amazon, but go to third party sellers and add it to your cart.
    ©2015 Just Lingering, by Kim Sosin and Janet Rives

    ©2014 Of Mineral and Light, by Kim Sosin and Janet Rives
    ©2014 Cuba November 2014: photographs, by Kim Sosin

    ©2013 Wanderings, photos (by Kim McNealy Sosin) and Poems (by Janet McMillan Rives).

    Selected Economics Publications
    (Retired, 2006)

    Bun Song Lee, Kim Sosin, and Sung Hyo Hong, "Sectoral Manufacturing Productivity Growth in Korean Regions," Urban Studies, June, 2005, 1201-1219. Reprinted in Essays on Urbanization and Urban Productivity in Korea, edited Bun Song Lee, 2006, 3-22.

    Kim Sosin and William Goffe, "Using the Internet and Computer Technology to Teach Economics," in Teaching Economics: More Alternative to Talk and Chalk, 2/e, ed. William Becker, Michael Watts, and Suzanne Becker, Edward Elgar: Cheltenham, 2006.

    William Goffe and Kim Sosin, "Teaching with Technology: May you Live in Interesting Times" invited paper, Journal of Economic Education, 36(3), Summer, 2005, 278-291.

    Kim Sosin, Betty Blecha, Rajshree Agarwal, Robin Bartlett, and Joseph Daniel, "Efficiency in the Use of Technology in Economic Education: Some Preliminary Results," American Economic Review, May, 2004, 253-258.

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    Kim Sosin, "How Might On-line Networks Change Teaching?" (and guest editor of exploration section: "Using the Web for Teaching)." Feminist Economics, March, 1999, 79-82.

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    L. Fairchild and Kim Sosin, “Industrial Averages of Financial Ratios for Manufacturing Firms in Monterrey, Mexico, 1979-1984,” Research Paper Series, Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (Monterrey Institute of Technology), 1986 (English and Spanish).

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