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    Croatia, May

    Jacksonville and Environs, Mostly Birds early April.

    Sandhill Cranes in a Crane Trust Blind, near Grand Island, March 14-16.

    Chestnut Review Workshop, Mérida Yucatan, Mexico, January


    Namibia, September

    Alaska Bear Camp (Lake Clark Natl Park), August

    Up the Danube (Budapest to Prague), June

    Florida Keys and Everglades, May

    Central Nebraska Sandhill Crane Migration, March

    Jacksonville to Merritt Island, January (Birds)


    Christmas in Manhattan, 2021

    Car trip Seattle to Omaha, November. The beauty of the American West along I-90, taken from the window of a moving car (as a passenger!)

    South Africa and Botswana Photo Safari, August.

    Jacksonville Visit, May

    Sandhill crane photos from the Platte River, March.


    Covid prevented travel, so I took a few photos of Great Blue Herons from a lake near me.


    Greece, October, 2019

    Berlin, September, 2019

    San Francisco, August, 2019


    Yellowstone and Grand Tetons, Sept. 19-26

    River Cruise Amsterdam to Basel/Zurich

    Washington DC, August 3-7

    Drive from Omaha to Tucson via Mesa Verde, May 18-26

    Sandhill Cranes, March 31/April 1

    Vietnam, March 6-24

        Vietnam addendum: Throwing a fishing net.

    Hong Kong, March 2-6


    Amazon Basin and Lima: Peru

    Fall Drives, Nebraska and Iowa


    Rocky Mountain National Park, September

    Sandhill Cranes, Crane Trust Photo Workshop, March

    Bison at Crane Trust, March.
    Taj Mahal
    India, January


    Spain, November
    Alaska, Aug -Sept
    Ranch Trek in NW Nebraska,June
    Sandhills Cranes, March
    A long weekend in New York City, March
    Patagonia: Buenos Aires through Chilean Fjords to Cape Horne, January


    Paris, L'Isle sur la Sorgue, Heidelberg, September, 2015
    Visiting San Francisco, mostly 2015
    Turkey in May, 2015
    Sandhill Crane migration, Platte River Nebraska, March, 2015


    Cuba in November: Online photos
                Cuba Book PDF / Buy Cuba book
    Morocco in September
    Nebraska Driving Trip with Mike
    Golf Nebraska, Links Style
    Nebraska Big Sky, Trip to Sioux County Ranch
    Sedona, AZ, 2014
    Sand Hills Crane Migration, March, 2014
    Baja: Great Whales and Sea of Cortez, Feb, 2014


    East Africa, Five Galleries, February, 2013
    East Africa, Slide show, 2013
    Tucson over the holidays, 2013-14


    Beijing, Tibet, Shanghai, 09-2012.


    Galapagos Islands and Machu Picchu (starts day 9), 12-2011
    Scotland/Ireland, 09-2011
    Fort Madison/Sheaffer Museum, 06-2011
    Chicago, 05-2011


    Arizona (Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon) December, 2010
    Paris, September, 2010
    Switzerland, August, 2010


    Egypt, Israel, Petra, December 2009
    Driving Omaha to Tucson, October, 2009
    New York City, June, 2009


    Bangkok, Angkor Wat, and Chiang Mai. November, 2008
    Chicago Architecture Tour, 2008


    Rome, December, 2007
    Spain, November, 2007
    San Francisco, July, 2007
    Chicago Pen Show, 2007
    Los Angeles-Pasadena 2-2007


    Maui Trip, Dec 2006
    Japan Trip, Nov 2006
    NY Oct, 2006
    San Francisco and points North, Sept. 2006
    Paris, May, 2006


    Mexico City, December 2005
    Chicago Art / Millenium Park, 2005
    San Francisco, October, 2005
    New York/US Open Tennis, 2005
    Florida, July 2005, Penshow and Jupiter
    Tucson, March, 2005


    Yucatan Peninsula, Dec. 2004
    Australia, July, 2004
    China, June 2004
    Fort Madison to Omaha on Hwy 2 Oct, 2004
    Labor Day Weekend 2004
    New York Pen Show Sept. 2004

    2003 and Earlier

    San Francisco Trip 7/10/03
    San Francisco Trip 7/23/02
    Austria, Italy, Paris, 2001
    Summer in England, 1971


    Family, classmates, other stuff.