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    More poems in poem/photo couplets.

    All poems and drafts: ┬ęKim McNealy Sosin

    1. Haunting Shadow

    for Nicholas, 1995-2011

    A streak of shadow
      past the door.

    A familiar quiver
      on my pillow.

    Soft purr,
      haunted again.

    Sleep well.

    2. Katina


    I know you, my cat Tina,
    what you do in the dark
    under my bed.
    You solve differential equations
    in your head, making
    forecasts that solve the problem:
    how to accept a gentle ear scratch
    but never be picked up, held!

    Beauty and brains!
    Deep slender pupils
    surrounded by emerald,
    intensely observe me,
    always reading my mind,
    by the shadow play under my bed.
    knowing my plans before I know.
    Time to leave that twilight -
    into the light, sweet cat.