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    All poems and drafts: ┬ęKim McNealy Sosin

    Published in Fine Lines :: Summer 2015

    The Dismal River

    ┬ęKim McNealy Sosin

    (The Dismal River is a short river born in
    bubbling springs rising from the Ogallala
    Aquifer in the Sandhills of Nebraska)


    So deep clear wide constant,
    the aquifer waters bubble into sunlight
    forming an icy blue pool.
    We are all floating.

    Subterranean, so much life,
    water below, semi-arid land above
    engraved by emerging twin rivulets
    born in this underground gift.

    North and South forks split valleys
    once disputed by Sioux and Pawnee, now
    cradle families on sun-kissed grasslands,
    roots as deep as underground seas.

    Dismal waters flow from rivers to oceans.
    Teenagers on horseback ride into twilight.
    Our waters, our tribes, our children, leaving.
    Leaving us, Nebraska weeping.