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    All poems and drafts: ©Kim McNealy Sosin

    Go, Stay, Go, Stay, Go …

    I'm leaving this place;
    my mind is made up.
    Place of birth and raising,    
    home, family.
    Tall prairie grasses
    except where corn grows.
    Trees beside creek beds,
    along fence rows.
    A huge sky every day,
    all blue before orange.

    I'm staying
    in this wide space.
    I can see forever here,
    forever here.
    But winter can also be
    forever here,
    ice, cold, snow.
    Spring never comes
    and then lasts two days
    before summer heat,
    and then ice again.

    I'll go to a new place
    of never frost,
    of warm sun and rain,
    of Pacific beaches,
    crowds, huge expenses,
    too-fancy golf courses,
    beautiful symphonies,
    all beyond my means.
    Missing old and dear friends,    
    I'll stay here with them.
    I must stay. I can't stay.

    What happens to
    a lifetime of stuff?
    Family things in glass cases,
    books leaning in colorful rows,
    photos on white walls;
    familiar pictures of life here.
    Can I build new images there?
    Here with family,
    missing other family.
    There with other family,
    missing this family.
    I must go. I can't go.