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    All poems and drafts: ┬ęKim McNealy Sosin

    High Plains Sky

    For my mother, who loved the big prairie sky.

    Across this rolling land,
    wind, nothing to deflect,
    sets off waves in blue-stem grass,
    glistening whitecaps of seeds
    with no final breaking shore.
    In such wide places in the world
    the horizon is a distant streak;
    the sky starts there
    and rises forever.

    Mirroring life,
    the big sky has dark days.
    An enemy known so well,
    almost a lethal old friend
    roars in turmoil,
    flashes in sheets and arrows,
    broils in navy,
    swirls viciously in bloated green.
    No thoughts are possible but survival.

    On the very best days,
    over a profusion of prairies
    brilliant dancers
    in frothy white
    decorate cerulean skies.
    Infinite vista inspires
    expanded awareness.
    We imagine ourselves
    elevated into the
    glowing silver lining.